Rosemary Hill is a beautiful estate where guests can reconnect with nature, experience farm life, eat fresh organic food, explore the trails and find space to breathe.

Our aim is to leave a legacy of learning and shared resources while making a sustainable difference to society.

Rosemary Hill is an organic farm situated on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria.  The estate boasts numerous unique event venues, a bustling coffee shop, 33km of trails and various accommodation options.

This family-run business works in close co-operation with the The Kindergarten and The Waldorf School, which was started in Pretoria in 1972 and moved to Rosemary Hill Farm at Mooiplaats, in 1978.

During the 80s and 90s, the farm’s main focus was on development, farming and education.  In recent times, as the second generation has become more involved, commercial aspects have increased, as well as the added hospitality and leisure activities that continue to bring many visitors to the farm on a regular basis.


We have been making this recipe every single weekend since 2010! It is a firm favorite at our weddings and also offered as dessert  on the coffee shop menu. PUMPKIN PIE Preheat oven – 190°C INGREDIENTS: 250g Butter, 320g Sugar, 6  Eggs, 280g Flour, 30ml...


Sustainability combines the economic aspects of Rosemary Hill with the environmental and social aspects of the farm and the uplifting of the local community. Farm: We make our own compost from all the food waste. We also make EM on the farm and we use it...



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