Say hello to the world’s fastest-growing sport – it’s fast, addictive, and so much fun!
Padel is the ultimate mashup of tennis and squash, offering unlimited excitement mixed with a dash of unpredictability.
Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this game is perfect for you!


Get ready to serve up some serious fun!

 Get the Playtomic App in the Apple Appstore or Google Play, search for ‘Play 360 Rosemary Hill’ and make a booking today!

Get ready to serve up some serious fun!

 Get the Playtomic App in the Apple Appstore or Google Play, search for ‘Play 360 Rosemary Hill’ and make a booking today!


• Bookings are made through the Playtomic App. This app is used by all padel courts around the world and makes it super easy to book, pay and keep record of your scores and rankings. You can pay for the whole court, or pay your share, invite your friends to pay and they can pay their own share. If you cancel more than 24 hours before your game, the money gets paid straight back to you; no questions asked!

• 60, 90 or 120 minute slots can be booked.

• Not suitable for unaccompanied children under 16.

Contact us to enquire about our Padel Party Packages: 

Opening times: 06:00 – 21:00 (Please note that courts are closed from 17:00-20:00 when The Distillery is in use for a wedding or function)

Our friendly staff can assist with food & drink orders from Rosemary Hill Coffee shop during opening hours; normally Monday to Sunday 07:00 to 15:00, please ask for a menu.  Outside these hours, we have a selection of soft drinks available in the fridge at the clubhouse.  We also have a selection of apparel as well as padels and balls on offer.

The serve in padel is a bit different from tennis, it’s all about keeping it chilled and serving underarm. Instead of tossing the ball up, you need to give it a little bounce on the ground, keeping it below waist height. Make sure that bounce happens behind your server window and lands between the centre line and the sidewall.

When you’re ready to serve, aim diagonally to the opponent’s opposite server box. The bounce needs to be behind its server window and between the centre line and the sidewall, and bounce in the opponent’s opposite server box. If that ball then bounces against their glass wall, you’re still all good, but if it sneaks back into their grid, that’s a no-go.

Just like in tennis, you’ve got two shots at getting that serve right. Miss the first one? No sweat, you’ve got a second chance. But if you miss both, that’s a double fault, and your opponent gets the points. If the ball even kisses the net on its way over, you have to give it another shot.

Standard courts (like ours) are designed for 4 players.  Padel is a social sport that relies on team work; one moves forward to the net on attack and back on defence.  Padel games can last quite long if all players are at a similar level.  Be sure to focus on placement, rather than trying to win points with one or two huge shots.  So get a few friends and come give it a try.

When you’re gearing up to receive a ball, you’ve got some options to keep the game going. After it bounces on the ground, you can let it ricochet off the glass wall—it’s still fair game. If you’re feeling the pressure, you can even use your own glass wall to send that ball back into play.

Now, let’s talk about the grid. When you’re receiving a ball, it’s all good if it bounces off the grid after hitting the ground—that ball’s still in play. But remember, this doesn’t apply to serves.

If you accidentally hit the ball into the grid on your side, you’re out of luck… And on your opponent’s side, you can only use your glass wall if the ball goes straight into their grid or glass without touching the ground first. Otherwise, it’s considered out.

The gear you’ll need:

• Exercise clothes
• Shoes (any comfortable sneakers are suitable)
• Padel (bat)
• Balls

Padels & Balls can be rented or purchased at the Play360 Clubhouse

• Serving Up Fun: Games start with an underarm serve that flies diagonally across to the other side.

• Out of Bounds: If the ball goes straight to the other team’s glass wall, it’s out. Before it hits their wall, it has to touch the ground first. Keep it low and in!

• Don’t Hit Your Own Grid!: Whatever you do, don’t smack that ball into your own grid / steel mesh. That’s an oopsie you don’t want to make!

• Fancy Moves Allowed: While you’re playing, you can get creative! You can volley, half-volley, or even use the glass wall to keep the ball going. You can even bounce it off your own wall to surprise your opponents!

• Point Scoring: It’s all about racking up those points – scoring works like in tennis; 15, 30, 40, GAME! Watch out, the other team gets points if the ball bounces twice, hits a player, or decides to take a detour and touch anything other than the court or the net.

• Three Sets of Action: A match is split into three sets, each with six games. To win, you have to win at least two out of those three sets.

 Get the Playtomic App in the Apple Appstore or Google Play, search for ‘Play 360 Rosemary Hill’ and make a booking today!


Please email to enquire about hosting your next birthday party or company team building event – we can host groups of any size and have a variety of catering options available.