Did you know that we provide a nutritious meal daily to over 140 children with unemployed parents?

Lethabong is our local informal settlement, which comprises over 300 shacks and semi permanent houses.

After becoming aware of a large number of households where the parents are unemployed, we, together with The Waldorf School, decided to start a feeding scheme in October 2013.

The objective is to provide one nutritious meal per day to the children of these households.

The meals are prepared in our boarding school kitchen, after which it is transported and served to the children at the Lethabong township.

We are grateful for the following donors:

* ROUND TABLE PRETORIA (to date we have received over 250 boxes of Nova Sun bananas)

* ROUND TABLE PRETORIA (120 plastic cups and plates for the children)

* SERVE THE CITY (300 pairs of comfortable shoes)

* SPAR AND THEIR SUPPLIERS (massive donation of vegetables, fresh and baked goods like cakes, muffins, rusks etc.)

* BNI DYNAMICS CHAPTER, PAY DAY SOFTWARE SYSTEMS & SUPREME BEAUTY and Rosemary Hill restaurant customers (donating to our Blanket Drive)

* TRAC N4 TOLL ROUTE – DIAMOND HILL PLAZA (Small plastic tables, Small plastic chairs, Folding tables, Small plastic jug, Plastic storage containers, Stainless steel storage containers, Dishcloths & 21L Cooking pots)
We appeal to suppliers and friends to assist us in any way they can, be it with ingredients or financial assistance.

The budget of the project is approximately R1500 per week. Should you be able to assist with ingredients, we use the following ingredients on a weekly basis:
12 kg Chicken breasts, 10 kg Rice, 12,5 kg Mielie Meel, 10 l Oil, 8 kg Tomato & Onion Mix, 15 kg Onions, 20 kg Potatoes, 12 kg Chicken Pieces (drumsticks or quarters), 10 kg Samp, 8 kg Butter Beans or Baked Beans, 8 kg Stewing Beef, 8 x Large Cabbages, 10 kg Tomatoes, 10 kg Fresh Spinach