Sustainability combines the economic aspects of Rosemary Hill with the environmental and social aspects of the farm and the uplifting of the local community.

  • Farm: We make our own compost from all the food waste. We also make EM on the farm and we use it in the compost, in the drains and for the animals. We have been farming organically and bio-dynamically for over thirty years and have planted over 30,000 trees during this time. Veggies and herbs are from our own garden.
  • We re-use all containers that we can from the kitchen to the gardens.
    If we cannot use it, we recycle it – we have bins on the farm for glass, paper, boxes, plastic and cans that is collected by a recycling company on a weekly basis.
  • We use local company Quintessence for the manufacturing of all our natural skincare products including hand wash, body lotion, linen mist, soap, shampoo, body wash and child-friendly bug spray. They are committed to the wellness of future generations. It is an integral part of their business to protect the environment and the people whom they deal with, by using only natural and naturally derived materials that are purchased from very reputable suppliers. They guarantee that they do not use any chemicals that will compromise your health. They feel that their customers trust them because they provide clear, credible information with no hidden ingredients. They believe in honesty, openness and transparency, uplifting the quality of life in our surrounding community and customers. Our products are manufactured in a factory that adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures).
  • We use unbleached bread flour (white & brown), wholemeal flour, crushed wheat & unbleached cake flour from Eureka Mills. Their key objective is to produce a range of nutritious, unadulterated and wholesome stone-ground flour products, which are produced from wheat that is grown as naturally as possible, having undergone the minimum of processing and alteration.
  • Our Guest House is equipped with gas geysers and energy-efficient lighting: All our globes are energy savers.
  • We use a gas stove and gas grill in the Restaurant’s kitchen.
  • The three climbing frames at the coffee shop is made from Karee branches that are grown, treated and built at Rosemary Hill.
  • We use Chlorine-free sugar cane fibre based 100% biodegradable toilet paper in our coffee shop and guesthouse from greenhome. Packaging of products like homemade cookies that we sell in the shop is made from Bioplastic which is plastic derived from plant sources such as hemp oil, soy bean oil and corn starch. These plastic bags make a great eco friendly alternative to plastic bags, which take hundreds of years to decompose and create more pollution in their manufacturing process. Our biodegradable takeaway containers, coffee cups and paper plates are made from Bagasse, the fibre left after sugar has been extracted from sugarcane.